Somers Yurt
At The Water's Edge  where relaxation comes easily
About the Yurt on Flathead Lake
Yurt's originated from Mongolia.  For Mongolians, the Ger is their centering point of the universe. A wooden lattice forms the circular wall, with poles pointed skyward to the center window at the top. The floor plan is based on the four directions.  The door always opens to the South. Opposite the door, sacred space is to the North where a alter sits or place of honor for guests.  West is the male area and East female.
The Somers Yurt is situated on a hillside off Breezy Point in Somers, MT overlooking Flathead Lake, the largest natural freshwater lake in Western U.S.  This vast lake is 28 miles long and up to 15 miles wide.
Somers is located on the north end of the lake, next to the open space on the North Shore of the National Wildlife Refuge.

The yurt is available to rent for a two day minimum, weekend or week,  year around.  Yurt lodging is like upscale camping.  It's not for everyone though.
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